FAQ - Frequently asked questions


What kind of connector type is used with the lococube®?

The following connector type is used:
Manufacturer: Phoenix Contact
Pitch: 3.5mm

Depending on the type of lococube® the connectors are green or black colored.

Can I directly connect a Stepper Motor to a lococube®?

Yes, it is possible to directly connect an unipolar Stepper Motor (e.g. RS Art. No. 191-8299) to a STG-8xx lococube®. Simply write your program in miCon-L, C-Code or within the Arduino IDE to get full control of the stepper motor. So you get an easy an cheap solution for small Motion & Control Applications. A set of free demo programs are available HERE.

What´s the maximum CAN wiring cable lenght ?

1 Mbit/s -> 25 m
800 kbit/s -> 50 m
500 kbit/s -> 100 m
250 kbit/s -> 250 m
125 kbit/s -> 500 m
50 kbit/s -> 1000 m

Does the lococube® feature a serial interface ?

Each STG-8xx lococube® features a serial TTL-232 Port (3.3V). This port allows usage as classical RS-232 interface when C Programming is used. You only need a hub to change TTL to RS-232 voltage level. Using the miCon-L Software Suite the serial interface is reserved for software communication only.

How to fasten my lococube®?

There are four options to mount or fasten a lococube®.
The related products can be found here.
You can fasten the lococube®:

Why does some lococube®s feature IrDA ?

The lococube® models supporting IrDA provide a reliable wireless infrared interface reading out and setting user-defined parameter from the internal memory. The Parameter Programmer PG-65 is the tool of choice to communicate with the IrDA lococube® models.

Please also have a look at the following article:
Wireless Communications in Industrial Environment

Why there is a voltage at a low-stated output?

Due to a small positive leakage current an output without any load will let you measure a voltage. A slight load to ground (e.g. 1mA) will cause a zero voltage at any low-stated output.