What kind of connector type is used with the Mini-PLCs ?

The following connector type is used:
Manufacturer: Phoenix Contact
Pitch: 3.5mm

STG-600: How is the connection layout of the USB-Interface ?

The STG-600´s USB interface is connected as followed (left to right):
1 = +5VDC
2 = D+
3 = D-
4 = GND

How do I terminate the CAN Bus ?

Add one CAN bus termination resistor of 120 Ω at each end of your CAN bus. Only the DMA-20 and PG-65 include a termination 1k resistor which is intended for laboratory use only without correct CAN bus topology.

What´s the maximum CAN wiring lenght ?

  • Always use twisted pairs for CAN_H and CAN_L.
  • Several manufacturers offer also four twisted cables for CAN when using 4-wire construction. This makes cable thinner and enables moulding of 2x2x0.5mm2 into e.g. M12-connectors
  • Maximum cable length is between the two farthermost nodes on the CAN bus line. Remember, in the worst case a signal has to travel from the node at one end to the node on the other and of the line. It is a function of the bit rate as follows:
bit rate max cable length (in m)
1Mbit/s 25
800Kbit/s 50
500Kbit/s 100
250Kbit/s 250
125Kbit/s 500
50Kbit/s 1000

(Table from CiA DS 301 4.02 page 20)
CiA 303 Part 1: Cabling and connector pin assignment has recommendations for connectors and cables used in CANopen systems

Does the Mini-PLCs feature a serial interface ?

Each STG-8xx Mini-PLC features a serial TTL-232 Port (3.3V). This port allows usage as classical RS-232 interface when C Programming is used. You only need a hub to change TTL to RS-232 voltage level. Using the miCon-L Software Suite the serial interface is reserved for software communication only.

Why there is a voltage at a low-switched output ?

Due to a small leakage current of the STG's output driver a positive voltage can be measured at a low-switched highside power output. A slight load of e.g. 1mA reduces this voltage near to zero.

Which Programming Tool should I use for my Mini-PLC ?

  • Beginner with base programming knowledge: miCon-L
  • Beginner with small C programming knowledge: Arduino
  • Professional user with C programming experience: KEIL MDK

Why do some Mini-PLCs support IrDA ?

The Mini-PLC models supporting IrDA provide a reliable wireless infrared interface reading out and setting user-defined parameter from a Mini-PLC. The Parameter Programmer PG-65 is the tool of choice to communicate with the IrDA Mini-PLC models.

Why do I get an error message switching to Open Source programming ?

The graphical programmable STG-8xx series are factory programmed using a readout protection. Switching to Open Source programming the readout protection has to be deactivated. The following document shows the steps to reset the readout protecting to ensure Open Source programming.

Reset Readout Protection

Why do some Mini-PLCs use green and others black connectors ?

The PIC18® based Mini-PLCs use green connectors. All ARM® Cortex® Models use black connectors. Connector type and pitch are always the same.