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DesignSpark Project #1 'PeopleCounter'

Art. No.: 0524-0001

Product Features

The project, called ‘People Counter’, can be constructed in less than an hour and records the amount of people entering and leaving a room, indicating when it is safe to enable more people to enter while still keeping the recommended distance from others. This is especially effective in retail environments where safe social distancing can be challenging to control.

Two photoelectric proximity sensors or light barriers, identify the direction of movement, while a miniature PLC calculates the amount of people in and out of the store in real-time. A password-protected CAN touch screen is employed to pre-set the maximum people limit and also works as a ‘traffic light’ system, illuminating green when access is allowed and red when access is refused. There is also an audio alert. The miniature PLC processes the data and controls the display.