Ventilation control for Covid-19 station

In the fight against the corona virus, BARTH® customers are using the lococube® STG-850 to implement intelligent ventilation controls that are intended to prevent the virus from spreading within hospitals, some of which are mobile. BARTH® is currently supporting these and similar projects with lococube® products available from stock and a special discount policy to counter current crisis situations. BARTH® is currently participating in all inquiries related to the technical equipment of mobile hospitals.

Inline Test System

This application uses a lococube® STG-820 to control an automated Test and Programming System. First of all the STG-820 toggles an air valve to contact the DUT (device under test). Then the lococube® initialises the programming procedure to flash both firmware and test application. After success the STG-820 toggles the air valve to release the DUT for further production steps.


The BARTH® CocktailMaker was and is the big eyecatcher on every exhibition appearance of RS Components, the Distributor for worldwide sales of our lococube® products. Controlled by one single STG-810 and seven MC-800 the CocktailMaker doses the flavoring ingredients in a glas for later enjoyment. Using the PG-65 Parameter Programmer all recipes can easily be changed to meet everyones taste.

Boat Engine Interface J1939 and NMEA2000

In a variety of out- and inboard boat engines both digital and analog sensor signals are converted by one lococube® STG-850 to share data on J1939 and NMEA200 CAN bus. The collected data will be used to control the main ECU and Chart Plotter. This application is properly solved by a lococube® mini-PLC thanks to the rugged design and wide operating temperature range. Free sample programs for J1939 and NMEA2000 can be found HERE.

COBOT Gripper Control

To adapt an intelligent gripper to a Cobot you often have to handle with space restrictions. BARTH®´s lococube®s can simply be used to control a gripper with intelligent functions. The outstanding high shock immunity and the small form factor allows engineers to directly integrate the lococube® within a Cobot application. Here a lococube® STG-800 controls the gripper and detects faulty parts.


Several Kubota® Diesel Engines are equipped with "Throttle-by-Wire Systems". These engines integrates a mechanical fuel injection pump which is controlled by a lococube® MC-800 and a Stepper Motor. The MC-800 can directly be controlled by an ECU or a lococube® mini-PLC via CAN Bus.

Gear Pump Dispenser for UR® Cobot

The following application shows an fully automated cobot dispensing system to apply sealing compound to an alu diecast housing. A lococube® STG-800 controls via CANopen® a servo motor which is coupled to a gear pump. The cobot control unit simply toggles the mini-PLC with one of it´s universal outputs.

TVC Broadcasting Truck

A full-automatic coach stabilizing and self-levelling system allowing the side extensions and stabilizing systems synchronised working by one button press. The automatic system is equipped with more than 50 sensors to make the sides moving and station deploy/stow most safe and informative. This system is controlled by several lococube® STG-850.